Some days the world seems to stop in its tracks,
And let all time slip slowly away,
For the wanderers and dawdlers who lie on their backs
And wonder at this month of May.
The sky is so clear, and light is the breeze,
Which stirs up the wind and the branches of trees.

“What if skies were purple?” you take time to think,
“Why if I had some time and a bottle of ink,
I’d paint all this out, in its pure beauty,
With the sky so clear, and the light thru the leaves,
And a tentative wind, and the branches of trees.”
But you’ve neither a brush, nor a bottle of ink,
Nor scarcely the time to lie down and think!
Sarah Davidson, age 12


“When I saw the painting, I knew that it was perfect, because it was so strange that it almost made perfect sense. the painting lets you imagine yourself in it, sitting right there. It’s different from ther others, really colourful and kind of strange looking, because of the purple sky.”

Have you ever been so excited by a beautiful day or an important event that made you want to write it down?  Have you tried writing your ideas down in a Poem?  In a short story?  Try it today! (it doesn’t even have to be a painting like Sarah Davidson’s inspiration…)