I lie on my back like a starfish,
Watching clouds dancing over me.
I lie on my back like a starfish,
Under a brightly painted azure stage:
Ivory, lavender, cream and steel,
Ivory, lavender, violet sky!
I would cartwheel in the grass –
Tumble face up by the river –
To see the sky spin as much
As its reflection in my eyes.

Stephanie Boileau, age 16


“I was struck by how different this was from some of Thomson’s other works.  I like how the sky takes up most of the painting, leaving only a little room at the bottom for the land and water.  I love the colours in the sky, some of which just seem to be thrown on the canvas at random.”

Have you ever been so excited by a beautiful day or an important event that made you want to write it down?  Have you tried writing your ideas down in a Poem?  In a short story?  Try it today! (it doesn’t even have to be a painting like Sarah Davidson’s inspiration…)



Now listen to Cole read the poem. Try it with your eyes closed!