These howling skies that shriek and yell,
The water waving back at me,
These trees that bow before the swell,
Once mighty now their strength dispel,
Of one accord, the world to tell
That I am King of all!

Ruler supreme on land and sea,
Poseidon of the water wide,
Hawk on the seething night I fly,
Hell’s fury knows no match for my
Torment unleashed upon the sky!
Behold, a King is born:
A fierce and mighty storm!
Kate Braid, age 13
(adapted by James Wright)


“I liked how the colours were darkened. It gives it a ‘dreary’ look – sad and gloomy. The violent waves and wind, the way the trees bend down, the storm was made like a King – the ruler of all – very fierce!”

FUN FACT: Storms can be frightening. They are especially scary if you’re standing outside without any shelter. A.Y.Jackson took a risk staying outside to sketch the picture that would become this famous painting. Have you ever seen a frightening thunderstorm? Try writing a type of poem about it – a Haiku!

A haiku is a three-line poem with five (5) syllables for the first line.
Seven (7) syllables for the second line…
and five (5) syllables for the last line.

Here’s a few samples:

Frightening wind-storm
Blowing with a mighty whoosh
There goes the doghouse.


The tiny raindrop
When he joins with his siblings
May lift heavy things

You try!
They can be funny or serious or frightening. It’s up to you!



Now listen to Cole read the poem. Try it with your eyes closed!