Shimmering moonlight,
Drifting breeze,
Sparkling stars
Adorn the trees.

Deep within my soul
All sadness lifts,
Drawn by beauty:
Nature’s gifts.

Rhythm of night,
Song of the earth,
Moonlight transforms:
A gift of re-birth.

Members of the Kanata Children’s Chorus
(adapted by James Wright)


“The evolution of this poem was truly experimental. Inspired by Varley’s painting, a group of KCC (Kanata Children’s Chorus) choristers convened for a pizza and poetry workshop to create a fitting response to this painting’s shimmering force. our young singers worked with coloured fabrics to stir the imagination; chalk and poster board to ‘feel the night’; word lists galore; and of course happy tummies. Together they produced a delightful collective art poem.”

Maybe you and your friends can try this! It can be a poem, a short story, even a short skit or a play. Try taking turns bringing new ideas and create something brand new with a group of people. You can write something together. An easy way to start is to have one person start writing something down. After the first person has written a line or two, they can pass the paper along, and the next person can continue where the first left off….and so on!



Now listen to Cole read the poem. Try it with your eyes closed!